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Untitled Blue Sponge Relief (RE 21) (detail), 1960. Pigment, natural sponges, and pebbles on board. 78 ¼ x 64 ¾ inches. ©Yves Klein



Hey! My name is Gary Yeh. Whether exploring galleries in New York, art fairs in Paris, or studios in Beijing, I love chasing after art. It's an adventure that has helped me connect with people and their cultures in a more meaningful way.

By sharing these experiences, I hope to show that art goes beyond objects on walls. Art involves stories, emotion, and passion, ultimately reflecting the history of our societies.

Join me on this journey by following @ArtDrunk on Instagram or clicking below to read my latest blog posts!

Gary Yeh with George Segal's Three Figures and Four Benches (1979) at the ICA Miami



I offer a range of services to help arts institutions and cultural partners maximize engagement on their digital platforms, such as Instagram and websites. I can also help your organization reach new audiences through ArtDrunk's channels.

Past engagements have involved:

  • Sponsored Content

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Content Creation (Video/Photography)

Let's chat! Shoot me an email to request a media kit or to learn more how ArtDrunk can help you.



Events will be coming soon, but in the meantime "Happy Hour" is a newsletter featuring a single artist on Thursdays. It's art without the fancy words to help you get cultured in an easily digestible and convenient way.

Each newsletter includes where the artist has work currently on view so you can keep up with what's relevant and bring your friends to impress them with your newfound knowledge.

Here are a few samples:

Shara Hughes's studio, 2017